Minimally Invasive Surgery and Its Role in the Future of Aortic Valve Replacement

Minimally Invasive Surgery and Its Role in the Future of Aortic Valve Replacement

Originally Broadcast: Tuesday, September 27, 2022 | 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM ET 

As conventional AVR options continue to grow for young patients, the goal in lifetime management of these patients remains constant – to minimize the long-term risk when selecting valve and procedure type.

The evolution of SAVR towards more minimally invasive procedures has opened new opportunities for patients and clinicians, combining suitable valve type with enhanced recovery is demonstrating positive outcomes for patients who want to live long and live well.


Speakers & Topics


Dr. William Kent

University of Calgary

Present and Future Lifetime Management of Aortic Valve Disease

Dr. Basel Ramlawi

Lankenau Heart Institute

Conventional vs. Minimally Invasive Aortic Valve Surgery: Patient Selection and Key Clinical Outcomes

Dr. Rodrigo Ribeiro de Souza

University of California San Francisco

Postoperative Patient Management: ERAS with Minimally Invasive Surgery

Dr. Marc Gerdisch

Franciscan Health

Cardiologist Perspective: Minimally Invasive AVR and Lifetime Patient Management

Dr. Hector Michelena

Mayo Clinic

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